ACS Team

Executive Vice-President

Jack Jedwab

Jack is the Executive Vice-President of the Association for Canadian Studies and the Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration. Holding a Ph.D. in Canadian History from Concordia University, he taught at Université du Québec à Montréal and McGill University. He taught courses on the history of immigration in Quebec, on ethnic minorities in Quebec, on official language minorities in Canada and on sport in Canada. He also wrote essays for books, journals and newspapers across the country, in addition to being the author of various publications and government reports on issues of immigration, multiculturalism, human rights and official languages.


Director of Programs and Administration

James Ondrick

James has a BA in Political Science from McGill University and an MA in Public Policy and Public Administration from Concordia University. James has worked in the community NGO and political sectors before joining the Association for Canadian Studies in 2001.
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Senior Project Manager

Sarah Kooi

Sarah has been part of the ACS team since 2008, where she works on a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from international programs and partnerships to national projects and activities. She is the managing editor of Canadian Issues/Thèmes Canadiens, Canadian Diversity/Diversité Canadienne and the Canadian Journal for Social Research/Revue canadienne de recherche sociale. Sarah also coordinates the Canada-China Institute on Minorities, a long term bilateral research partnership between researchers from Canada and the Chinese State Ethnic Affairs Commission.
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