Racism, Discrimination & Human Rights

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Research Name Date
How are Canadians Reasonably Accommodating Gas Price Hikes? Canadian Consumer Reaction to the Rising Price of Fuel2008-06-09
I hear it but I Don`t See it: Assessing Prejudice and its Manifestation in Quebec2017-04-01
Perception of Human Rights violations by Canadians to mark 59th anniversary of UN Universal Human Rights Declaration2007-12-10
Probing prejudice2013-03-20
Public Perceptions on Radicalization to Violence and Resilience in Canada2017-07-19
Quebec Identity in 2011: Attachments, Identity and Diversity 2011-01-14
Reasonable Accommodation of Immigrants and Religious Minorities and the Quebec Distinction2007-10-24
Reasonable Accommodation series2007-09-08
Reasonable or not, Montreal schools will accommodate diversity in the future2007-09-04
State of Relations, March 2016 : Relations, Contact and Perceptions of Religious, Aboriginal and Racial Groups in Canada2016-03-21
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