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Research Name Date
Immerging Impact: the Influence of French Immersion on Attitudes Towards Selected Language Issues2005-08-31
Insecurities Intact: 30 Years After the Adoption of the Charter of the French Language, Quebec Majority and Minority Alike Remain Pessimistic Over Respective Futures2007-08-27
La Commission royale sur le bilinguisme et le biculturalisme, 50 ans plus tard2013-10-15
Language Contact and Mixing in Ottawa and Gatineau in 2011 2012-11-15
Language differences continue to play important role in intended participation of Quebec Francophones and Non-Francophones in Celebrations of Quebec and Canada 2015-06-30
New Brunswick needs to better assess progress on French language learning amongst province's anglophone children2008-03-31
Official Languages in Canada: Perceived or Misperceived?2009-09-08
Our 'Cense' of Self: the 2006 Census Saw 1.6 Million 'Canadian' Canadians Return to British and French Origins2008-04-25
Perceived Threath to the French Language and Culture and Support for Bilingualism in Canada-2003-01-01.042003-01-01
Stating the Obvious? Quebecers Agree Montreal is a Bilingual City and agree that?s the way it should be 2011-02-03
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