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Canadian patriots of 2007: As we celebrate the 140th anniversary of Canada, most Canadians argue that patriotism is a common value; patriotic sentiment increases with age2007-06-29
Canada: Nation of Minorities or Majorities? 2004-10-29
Canada's Demo-Religious Revolution: 2017 will bring considerable change to the profile of the Mosaic2003-03-30
Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms seen as having positive impact on rights and is a growing symbol of Canadian identity-2002-01-01.022002-01-01
Canada's 'Very Attached': Quebecers push language over nation amongst markers of identity to which Canadians are most attached2010-06-15
Canada's 'Unmanifest' Destiny: Perceptions about the Ties that Bind Quebec and the Rest of the Country2008-06-23
Canada 2067: Locating the Generational, Regional and Language Divides2017-03-01
Canada 1967 and 20172017-07-01
Benchmarking Attachment to Canada: Historic Trends, Current Comparisons with other expressions of identity 2014-06-30
Attachment, Learning, Interfaith Relations and Prejudice in Canada 2012-10-22
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