Identity & Values

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Research Name Date
Charter of Values: Gap Between Support in Principle and in Practice 2014-01-14
A Tale of Two Celebrations2014-06-26
Flagrant Displays of Flags2014-06-27
Benchmarking Attachment to Canada: Historic Trends, Current Comparisons with other expressions of identity 2014-06-30
What Keeps Canada Together?2014-06-30
Charter Chatter2014-07-10
"Man, I feel like a woman"2014-07-28
Narrow Majority of Canadians Agree with Requirement That New Canadians Take Oath of Allegiance to the Queen2014-12-01
Most Canadians Proud to Exhibit the Maple Leaf and Think Canada is World's Best Country: Youth Somewhat Less Proud and Quebecers Quite Divided Over the Flag2015-02-13
Results of Niquab Related Questions 2015-10-09
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