Identity & Values

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Research Name Date
Immigration: Canada Most Welcoming; Statistical Evidence Confirms Important Impact of Immigration on Future Demographic Condition; Vancouver has Canada 's Lowest rate of Demographic Dependency 2005-06-18
Identity, Faith. Learning and Interfaith Relations in Canada 2012-10-22
Identity and multiculturalism2010-06-18
Flagrant Displays of Flags2014-06-27
Finding Divergence over who founded Canada?2008-06-16
Federalism and Canadian Identities: Updating the Portrait of Canada2009-02-18
Degrees of Significance: How Important do Canada's Language Groups Regard University Completion a Minimal Requirement. 2012-05-08
De Gaulle`s Vive le Quebec and the State of the Nation Fifty Years Later2017-07-01
Common values and multiculturalism in Canada2007-04-30
Common values : Issues and symbols/Values and rights and freedoms in Canada2007-04-30
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