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Canada's 'Very Attached': Quebecers push language over nation amongst markers of identity to which Canadians are most attached2010-06-15
They Own a Piece of the ROC: Quebec Sovereignists have some support in the rest of Canada but should beware of their “allies”2010-04-12
Plus ça change, plus c'est pareil: Opinion on Reasonable Accommodation, 2007-20092009-05-22
Canadians attitudes to Federalism2009-05-01
Provincial Identification on the Wane2009-02-18
Federalism and Canadian Identities: Updating the Portrait of Canada2009-02-18
Celebrating Identity in Canada: Interest in History Important Dimension of Celebrations of Past2008-07-15
Canada's 'Unmanifest' Destiny: Perceptions about the Ties that Bind Quebec and the Rest of the Country2008-06-23
Finding Divergence over who founded Canada?2008-06-16
Canadians Have Favorable Opinion of Aboriginals in Canada; especially those in contact with members of aboriginal communities2008-01-14
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