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Research Name Date
Celebrating Identity in Canada: Interest in History Important Dimension of Celebrations of Past2008-07-15
Charter Chatter2014-07-10
Charter of Values: Gap Between Support in Principle and in Practice 2014-01-14
Citizenship and Belonging to Canada: Dual Citizens Do Not Have Weaker Sense of Belonging to Canada2007-08-13
City Movers: Winners and Losers in Urban Migration, 20012004-07-12
Common values : Issues and symbols/Values and rights and freedoms in Canada2007-04-30
Common values and multiculturalism in Canada2007-04-30
De Gaulle`s Vive le Quebec and the State of the Nation Fifty Years Later2017-07-01
Degrees of Significance: How Important do Canada's Language Groups Regard University Completion a Minimal Requirement. 2012-05-08
Federalism and Canadian Identities: Updating the Portrait of Canada2009-02-18
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