Identity & Values

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Research Name Date
What Keeps Canada Together?2014-06-30
Benchmarking Attachment to Canada: Historic Trends, Current Comparisons with other expressions of identity 2014-06-30
Flagrant Displays of Flags2014-06-27
A Tale of Two Celebrations2014-06-26
Charter of Values: Gap Between Support in Principle and in Practice 2014-01-14
Attachment and Social Media in Canada2013-10-09
Multicultural with Two Official Languages: The Dominant Vision of Canada 2013-07-03
The Canadian Flag as a Symbol of National Pride: A question of Shared Values 2012-11-27
Pride in Canadian Symbols and Institutions2012-11-26
Attachment, Learning, Interfaith Relations and Prejudice in Canada 2012-10-22
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