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Research Name Date
What would happen in a sovereign Quebec, according to young Quebeckers?2007-03-21
What Lies Beneath the Debate Around Increased Tuition? Quebec Public Opinion on the Issue of Tuition Hikes2012-04-28
What Keeps Canada Together?2014-06-30
What Is Most Important to Our Identity?2003-01-01
We're number 1?2004-10-29
They Own a Piece of the ROC: Quebec Sovereignists have some support in the rest of Canada but should beware of their “allies”2010-04-12
The Canadian Flag as a Symbol of National Pride: A question of Shared Values 2012-11-27
Results of Niquab Related Questions 2015-10-09
Reading Canada - Part 1-2003-01-01.052003-01-01
Quebecers on the Move: The principal motivations behind migration2007-12-03
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