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Research Name Date
Knowledge of Canada2007-06-30
Knowledge of and Pride in Canada2015-09-30
Influencing Quebec's and Canada's Futures and Pride in the Past2006-05-13
If You Were a Canadian History Student, What Would You Study? 2015-01-05
History Knowledge and Trust In Sources 2012-01-19
Historic Knowledge, National Identity and the Role of the State: Assessing the Impact of Celebrations of the 400th Anniversary of the Founding of Quebec City2009-11-04
Facing Facts #4 : The Lucky and Unlucky Seven Longest Serving Prime Ministers of Canada 2016-07-15
Facing Facts #3: The Debate over Quebec’s History Program 2016-07-07
Events which marked Quebec's history within Canada2007-06-26
Envisioning Canada's Museum of History2013-03-28
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