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Two Twenty-First Century Challenges to the Charter2012-04-25
The Second World War and the Fear of Another Global Conflict?2009-09-03
The Queen and Tim Hortons2013-10-15
The Lucky and Unlucky Seven Longest Serving Prime Ministers of Canada 2016-07-15
The Founding Peoples and the Founding Events: Somewhat Different Visions East and West 2013-06-25
Signing the Canadian Constitution: Are Quebecers Interested? 2014-11-07
Searching for Canadian History2010-05-03
Remembrance Day: Is Time Distorting Our Contemporary View on Canada's Role in World War 2? 2014-11-07
Remembering Our Canadian History: Learning, Knowledge and Pride 2013-07-02
Quebec-Canada relations in 2017: optimism towards "reasonable accomodations" between us2007-06-29
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