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'Patriatic' Canadians: Majority of Canadians take pride in patriation, but for many inside and outside of Quebec, 1982 is a faded memory 2013-04-11
A Strong Recollection of High School Canadian History Gives Rise to Greater Attachment to Canada2015-05-29
ACS FaceFacts #1 - Founding Canada: Is it Provinces or Peoples? 2016-07-04
ACS FaceFacts #2 - Canada/U.S. Immigration2016-07-06
Architects of Quebec’s New History Curriculum Are Out of Touch With the Majority of Quebecers When it Comes to Desire for Knowledge About History of Minorities 2016-07-07
Canadians Knowledge of the Second World War2009-08-31
Canadians Preferred Rhetoric: What words and phrases resonate most with Canadians?2010-07-02
Cartier and Confederation: Knowledge and Commemoration 2014-09-04
Consultation publique portant sur le renforcement de l'enseignement de l'histoire nationale au primaire et au secondaire2013-12-09
Demographics of Knowledgeable Canadians Knowledge of Canada2007-06-30
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