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Research Name Date
Historic Pride, National Identities and Diversity: Situating Canada on the world map2007-07-02
Historic Pride, National Identities and Diversity2007-07-03
Help and Hope for Haiti: Canadian opinion on the relief effort and prospects for the future (part 2)2010-01-30
Federalism-Haiti-racial profiling2010-11-18
Data on the State of the Federation in 20122013-01-21
Canadians Want to Take More Active Role in Pursuing Peace through Diplomacy2012-05-10
Canadians go a Little Loony over the rise in their Dollar against the Greenback2007-12-13
Canadians believe citizens deserve protection: One year after Conflict in Lebanon study reveals Canadians support efforts to protect fellow citizens abroad2007-06-18
Canadians and Americans: shared values but not shared culture2008-02-14
Canadian Views of Americans and their President2017-04-01
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