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Young Francophones of Quebec Look Most Positively upon France2012-05-08
Two Hundred Years after the War of 1812: Canada hits record level of favourability with the United States2012-03-26
Trust and Confidence in Armed Forces and National Government (US, Canada, Spain and Germany)2011-02-21
The State of Relations Between Canada and the United States2007-07-04
The Grievance Index 20122013-01-21
Terrorism and Counter terrorism: Knowledge, Fears and Perceived Root Cause(s) 2012-12-20
So Close Yet So Far: Growing Number of Americans See Canada as Friendly, But No Longer a Close Ally2005-01-01
Melting the Ice: Six Years after 9-11 Canadians regard US as country with which they are most likely to share values and goals2007-09-13
Many Canadians have considered a move to the U.S.; Some two million Canadians have recently considered buying U.S. real estate2007-12-03
Majority of Canadians worried about state of relations with our neighbors in the aftermath of Trump elections 2016-11-21
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