Canadian Issues is the flagship publication of the Association for Canadian Studies. Its first issue was published in 1975. Over the course of several decades, the publication has evolved from an academic journal with limited readership to a history magazine with a broad audience comprised of history educators, librarians, archivists, academics, researchers, policymakers. Canadian Issues has been, and will continue to be, increasingly focused on the teaching and disseminating of Canadian history. As such, it features articles by Canada’s leading thinkers on specific issues related to our history. Canadian Issues is partly funded by the Canada History Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage and is fully bilingual.

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Canadian Issues

Authors: Gérald- A Beaudoin;Natalie Des Rosiers; William Cross And Lisa Young;Howard Pawley; Stéphanie Bernatchez;John Graham; Andrew Parkin; Jack Jewab; Steven Hill; Alex Folkes

Fall 2002 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for Democracy

Communication And The Shaping Of Canada

Canadian Issues

Authors: Marco Adria; Michel Filion; Magda Fusaro; Colin Hoskins; Stuart Mcfadyen; Adam Finn; Graham Longford; Rowland Lormier; Robert Rabinovitch; Enn Raudsepp; Alexandre Sevigny; Leslie Regan Shade; Tracy Summerville; Riached Sutherlend; Mary Vipond

Summer 2002 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for Communication And The Shaping Of Canada

Our Vanishing Industries

Canadian Issues

Authors: Steven High; Anthony Davis; David Frank; John C. O'donnell' Judy Piercey; Pat Chamut; Dan Edwards; Cherly Wilson; Melvin Baker; Johanne Castonguay; Rick Beaton; Ingeborg Boyens; Leonard J. Evenden

Fall 2001 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for Our Vanishing Industries

Canada And The World: One Year After 9-11

Canadian Issues

Authors: Bill Graham; Charles F. Doran; David Grondin; Stephen Clarkson; Kathy Bickmore; Martin Rudner; Hector Mackenzie; Denis Stairs; David M. Malone; Patrick Wittmann; Desmond Morton; Jack Jedwab; John Biles; Humera Ibrahim; Dean F. Oliver

Fall 2001 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for Canada And The World: One Year After 9-11

Education: Where We Are, Where Are We Headed

Canadian Issues

Authors: Paul Cappon; Marilies Rettig; Malkin Dare; Michael Temelini; Daniel Parent; Jean- Pierre Robitaille; Yves Gingras; Myron Lieberman; Jerry Ellig; Ralph G. Neas; Thomas Harapniuck; Richard Riley; Graham Spanier; Louis Visentin; Peter MacKinnon; Janye M. Hodder; Louise Cloutier; James Turk; Philip Resnick; Raymond Blake

Spring 2001

Dual And Diverse

Canadian Issues

Authors: Christl Verduyn; Jack Jedwab; Dyane Adam; John Meisel; Robert Choquette: Arthur Silver; Naïm Kattan; Cornelius J. Jaenen; Jean Lafontant

Summer 2000 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for Dual And Diverse

Aboriginal Peoples In Canada/ Futures And Identities

Canadian Issues

Authors: Michael Behiels; Kenneth Coates; E.J. Dickson-Gilmore; Thierry Rodon; Étienne Rivard; Adriano Santiemma; Charles-Henri Warren; Caroline Stevens; Joan Reid Acland; Dana Magliari; Jean-Paul Restoule; Virgine Alba;

Winter 1999

Immigration And Ethnicity In Canada

Canadian Issues

Authors: Jiajian Chen; Russell Wilkins; Edward Ng; Oscar E. Firbank; Alexander Freund; Laura Quilici; Serge Jaumain; Matteo Sanfilippo; Fernando Mata; Robin Ostow; Maryka Omatsu; Eran Razin; André Langlois;Marylin J Rose; Angelika E. Sauer; Carlos Teixeira;

Winter 1996

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