Canadian Issues is the flagship publication of the Association for Canadian Studies. Its first issue was published in 1975. Over the course of several decades, the publication has evolved from an academic journal with limited readership to a history magazine with a broad audience comprised of history educators, librarians, archivists, academics, researchers, policymakers. Canadian Issues has been, and will continue to be, increasingly focused on the teaching and disseminating of Canadian history. As such, it features articles by Canada’s leading thinkers on specific issues related to our history. Canadian Issues is partly funded by the Canada History Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage and is fully bilingual.

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The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms In Canadian Society: 1982-2007

Canadian Issues

Authors: Michaelle Jean; J.j.michel Robert; Jack Jedwab; Martha Jackman; Bruce Porter; Lucie Lamarche; A. Wayne Mackey; Karen Eltis; Jim W. Doig; Jack Jedwab; Irwin Cotler; Ingride Roy; Errol P. Mendes, Gilles Paquet; Mark Rush; Christopher P. Manfredi; David M. Paciocco; Graham Fraser; Julius H. Grey; Paul Chartrand; Gerlad Gall; Paul Bramadat; Alia Hogben; John White; Charles Blattberg

Fall 2007 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms In Canadian Society: 1982-2007

Foreign Credential Recognition

Canadian Issues

Authors: Tracey L. Adams; Ginny Adey; Naomi Alboim; Anait Aleksanian; Godfrey Baldacchino; Caroline Bennett-abuayyash; Ivy Lynn Bourgeault; Oksana Buhel; Andrew Cardozo; Sarath Chandrasekere; Karen Cohl; Louise Crandall; Jackie Crawford; Rodney A. Crutcher; W. Dale Dauphinee; Nicole Desnoyers; Joerg Dietz; Ian Donaldson; Victoria M. Esses; Michelle P. Goldberg; Peter R. Grant; Shelley Guifoyle; Shibao Guo; Justin Ikura; Rich Janzen; Chetan Joshi; Eileen Kelly-freake; Candy Khan; Stan Kustec; Sohail Khan; Peggy Mann; Marie Lemay; Alison Mclennan; Paul Mitchell; Kathleen Morrow; Katrina Murray; Heather Mohr; Michael Moss; Linda Orme; Tim Owen; Pat Saunders; Martin Savard; Eden Thompson; Grant Trump; James Walker; Li Xue

Spring 2007 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for Foreign Credential Recognition

What Are We Eating?

Canadian Issues

Authors: Natalie Cooke, Rod MacRae And Grace Skogstad; Douglas D. Hedley; Aleck Ostry; Robert Beauchemin; Lise Renaud; Monique Caron-Bouchard; Marie-Claude Lagacé; Danielle Maisonneuve; Lyn Mongeau; Laurette Dubé; Karl Moore; Diane T. Finegood; Graham Riches; Nancy A. Ross

Winter 2006

Immigration And Families

Canadian Issues

Authors: Lorna Bailie; Jean Bergeron; Dominic Boyd; Martin Collacott; Pam Daniel; Jenet Dench; Johanne Denis; Rell De Shaw; Sara Dorow; Carole Marie Fournier; Jack Jedwab; Stan Kustec; Juan Manuel Toro Lara; Terry Lepatsky; Laura Lewis-watts; Arlene Tigar Mclaren; Moorferah Merali; Stephanie Potter; Geraldine Pratt; Monte Solberg; Arthur Sweetman; Andrew Telegdi; Jessie Thomson; Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos; Madine Vanderplaa; Michele Vatz Laaroussi

Spring 2006 | Table of contentsDownload the table of contents for Immigration And Families

Diasporas In Canada And The United States

Canadian Issues

Authors: Maurice Basque; Milton J. Esman; David G. Haglund; Jack Jedwab; Michael Kenneally; Audrey Kobayashi; J.J. Lee, Roberta Rosenberg Farber; Theresa Runstedler; Harold Troper

Fall 2005

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