Planning 150th

June 26, 2013

Planning 150th

Association for Canadian Studies invites you to a forum ?Planning 150th?
on teaching  Canada?s history that will take place on June 26th 2013, at
the  Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, QC.

The Forum will mark current and forthcoming anniversaries. It will
 commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Association for Canadian
 Studies, which was founded in 1973. We will focus on strategies relative
 to teaching about Confederation as we approach its 150th Anniversary.

We will begin with a planning session for the 2014 edition of our 10th
 national conference on the teaching of history, which is set to take
 place in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the site of the inaugural
 meeting that paved the way for Confederation. We will continue with a
wider discussion about best practices for teaching the history of
Confederation.  This session will be followed by a panel
session marking Canada?s 150th .

In the afternoon we will look at the state of the population?s  knowledge
about Canada as we launch a special edition of the  publication Canadian
dedicated to the Symons Report entitled  ?To Know Ourselves,?
whose recommendations played a central role in  the promotion of Canadian
Studies. A final session will look at the  challenges in the expanding
knowledge about Canadian history and  fostering a broader understanding
about Canada including a discussion about Canada?s Museum of history.


Some of
the confirmed speakers include: Deborah Morrison, President and CEO, Canada?s
History, Anthony Wilson Smith, President, The Historica Dominion Institute,
Penny Walsh McGuire, Executive Director PEI 2014, Professor Jocelyn Letourneau,
Universite Laval / incoming President, Association for Canadian Studies, Colin
Jackson, Chair of the Board of Directors, ImagiNation 150, Dr. Tom Symons,
Professor Penney Clark, UBC / Director of the History Education Network and
Mark O?Neil, President and CEO of the Museum of Civilization ? soon to
become Canada?s new History Museum

We will end the day with a reception to more formally mark the 40th
 anniversary of the Association for Canadian Studies and pay tribute to
 individuals that have marked our forty year history. The forum will run
from 9:00 am ? 5:00 pm with a reception at 5:00 pm. A Program will be emailed
to you upon your confirmation. There is no registration fee ? space limited ?
you must RSVP.


To confirm and for any
questions you may have, please contact James Ondrick at the ACS,  Tel
(514) 925-3097, e-mail: 

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