Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy

From September 30 to October 01 2011

Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy


                                    Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy


The Association for Canadian Studies and the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association 2nd Annual Conference


Ottawa, Ontario

September 30 to October 1 2011


The Association for Canadian Studies and the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association invite proposals for our joint conference ?Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy? to be held September 30 to October 1 2011, at the Ottawa Marriot Hotel, 100 Kent Street. This conference also marks the 21st conference of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association and the second in a series of three conferences jointly organized with the Association for Canadian Studies. The Conference will offer a unique opportunity to exchange views and ideas in the Nation?s Capital on the occasion of this important anniversary.


Conference organizers welcome proposals for papers, sessions, panels, roundtables and video presentations that address the topics of ethnicity, immigration, diversity, and multiculturalism in Canada, particularly in relation to the 40th anniversary of the introduction of multiculturalism as a government policy in 1971. Such issues as the evolution of policy on multiculturalism, current debates over multiculturalism, the impact of multiculturalism on Canadian society, multiculturalism and ethnic identity, multiculturalism and immigrant integration, multiculturalism and official languages, multiculturalism and community formation, multiculturalism and social cohesion, the role of the media and multicultural policy, multiculturalism, equality and social justice, comparing the Canadian approach to other countries, etc.  Organizers invite submissions from a variety of perspectives, academic disciplines, and areas of study, including the humanities and the social sciences.  We will endeavor to make a decision shortly after the abstract is received in order to facilitate those who need verification of their acceptance for travel funding purposes at their own institutions.


Who should attend? In addition to members of the Association for Canadian Studies and Canadian Ethnic Studies Association, the conference will be relevant to a wide range of people interested in ethnicity, race, immigration, multiculturalism, and related diversity issues in Canada, particularly as they intersect with issues of multiculturalism. University professors, graduate students, and other researchers and teachers; policymakers and civil servants from all levels of government; those who work in various non-governmental organizations, as well as those involved as frontline workers delivering various kinds of social services ? all of these will find that this conference offers them worthwhile information, challenging critical perspectives, and an opportunity to network and discuss important issues with people from across the country and from a variety of academic disciplines and institutional perspectives. A special issue of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal will showcase selected papers from the conference. Shorter papers can be submitted for consideration in ACS?s Canadian Diversity. To be considered for publication in the either journal, papers must be submitted no later than two weeks after the conference. Papers must be written in accordance with the journal's guidelines.


All abstracts should be no longer than 250 words and will be refereed by the joint ACS/CESA Program Committee. Individual conference presentations will normally be 20 minutes in length, and conference sessions will be 90 minutes. Please visit our websites: and for more information. Presentation and poster submissions should be directed electronically to James Ondrick, Director of Programs, Association for Canadian Studies at:


The deadline for submission of proposals for papers, sessions, roundtables, and poster presentations has been extended until August 1 2011.





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