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The ACS organises several events every year related to either history or immigration/diversity. Foremost among these events is our annual national conference on the teaching of history which usually takes place in October/November. This unique conference is organised each year with a local teachers’ association and is a gathering place for anyone working directly or indirectly in the teaching or disseminating of Canadian history: front line educators, authors, researchers, academics, students, policymakers, journalists, archivists, librarians, etc. Another key ACS event is the Metropolis conference, the organisation of which we have taken over in 2012. An immensely relevant conference for anyone working in the fields of diversity, immigration, integration and settlement, Metropolis gathers over 800 people every year in March to discuss key issues in these fields. Visit this page often to get timely information on these events, and on a series of other events we organise throughout the year.

Past Events

Event Name Category Date Location
Ethnic Identity Formation and Change in Canada and AbroadACS Annual Conference2012-11-23 to 2012-11-24Ethnic Identity Formation and Change in Canada and Abroad
Talks on DiversityOther ACS events2012-10-24 to 2012-10-24Hall Building, Concordia University 1455, Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, Montreal Room H1220 (12th floor)
Roma Documentary "Never Come Back" at the Segal CentreOther ACS events2012-04-29 to 2012-04-29Segal Centre, Montreal
Checking Our Constitution@30: The Influence of the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Legislation, Identities and Federalism, April 17-18, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario Other ACS events2012-04-17 to 2012-04-18Ottawa, Ontario
Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Shared Strategies for Addressing Diversity in Quebec and the Rest of Canada Other ACS events2012-03-28 to 2012-03-28Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Shared Strategies for Addressing Diversity in Quebec and the Rest of Canada
Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy ACS Annual Conference2011-09-30 to 2011-10-01Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy
Looking at our Historical Heritage and geography - Teaching in the Francophone communities of CanadaBiennial Conference on Teaching of History2011-09-30 to 2011-10-01Looking at our Historical Heritage and Geography - Teaching in the Francophone Communities of Canada
Teaching Quebec History in Canada / Teaching Canadian History in quebecOther ACS events2011-05-03 to 2011-05-03teaching-quebec-history-in-canada-teaching-canadian-history-in-quebec
Governance, Attachment and Identities in Federal States: Comparing Canada, the United States, Germany, and Spain Other ACS events2011-04-06 to 2011-04-06Minto Place Suites (Vanier-Stanley Room), 185 Lyon Street North, Ottawa, ON K1R
The Quiet Evolution of Language and Cultural Relations in Canada: A Tribute to the Work of Wallace Lambert Other ACS events2011-03-17 to 2011-03-18Montreal, Quebec
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